THANK YOU for your support!

Yesterday, 401 Gives brought the state together to raise nearly 1.2 million dollars in just 24 hours. What an incredible success! THANK YOU for being a part of 401 Gives and supporting hundreds of foster youth and young adults. We raised $21,825 yesterday with your support! 

Your gifts are buying basic necessities for foster youth, especially those who might be experiencing further challenges from this public health crisis. Thank you for ensuring youth have groceries, gas, toiletries, warm bedding. Thank you for helping them pay for child care when it’s time to return to work. Thank you for helping us provide “barrier assistance” to youth in a health, employment, or housing crisis.

We were never in this mission alone, and we believe that our work is always better when we join together as a part of a greater community. Your gifts and donations will continue to mitigate foster youth anxieties and financial hardships, collectively pulling those we serve through a very challenging time.

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