Youth Enrichment Fund


At Foster Forward, we’re committed to giving Rhode Island’s foster youth the same opportunities as their peers – opportunities to get involved, to learn something new, and to build their self-confidence.

Through our Youth Enrichment Fund, we’re providing young people in foster care with the funds – up to $300 per year – they need to enroll in an art class, join a sports team, attend the prom, and so much more.

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Fund a Need: Through your generous donations we can make sure foster youth receive what they need: including laptops, school supplies, and activities.


The Youth Enrichment Fund provides grants of up to $300 per year to children and youth in DCYF kinship and non-relative foster homes. These grants allow children to participate in activities-including those in the arts and athletics-that help them develop important social skills and promote their interest in learning and school.

With guidance from their foster parents, case workers, or other adult mentors, children have applied for and received grants for the following:

  • after-school sports activities
  • art classes and supplies
  • church- and school-related trips
  • dance, karate, and music lessons
  • gym memberships

To see what else an Enrichment Fund grant can be used for, click here. Please note that applications that represent requests for presents or gifts are less likely to be approved.

To apply for an Enrichment Fund grant, please click here to download and print an application. Please allow four to six weeks for us to review the application. If it’s approved, we’ll issue a check for the exact amount of the request to the organization that’s providing the item or offering the activity.

If you have any questions about the Youth Enrichment Fund, please call Noreen Berthiaume 401.438.3900 x200.

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Youth Enrichment Fund application form (PDF)
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We want YOU to apply.

And while we understand that you might need some assistance from your foster parents, case worker, or other adult mentor, YOU complete the application for the grant because this is money for you-for something you want or need.

We’ll want to know why you made the request, so be sure to tell us about the activity you want to participate in or the purchase you want to make. Why is it important to you to participate? How will you use the purchase?

Please keep in mind that just because you apply does not mean you’ll be approved.

We need you to do your research.

You’ll need to provide us with some specific information about your request. For instance, if you’ll be using the grant money to buy a computer, we’ll want to know where you’ll buy it and how much it costs. Also, if the cost exceeds the amount of the grant, you’ll need to explain how you’ll pay for the difference.

With requests for such items as musical instruments or sports equipment, we’ll need you to identify the instructors or coaches who’ve provided you with lessons-it’s important for us to know you’ll be able to fully utilize the item you’re requesting.

We need you to plan ahead.

Due to the high demand for Youth Enrichment grants, your grant money could take up to 4 or 5 months to be ready for pick up -so whether you’re looking to make a purchase, enroll in a class, or participate in an activity, you should apply for the grant well in advance.

If you’re approved, a check will be issued for the exact amount of the purchase to the company, organization, school, or store that’s providing it. We will not issue a check to you, or to your foster parent, case worker, or adult mentor.

We need you to keep good records.

You need to provide proof of purchase, in the form of a receipt, within 15 days of the check being issued. If you do not provide a receipt, you will not be able to apply for future grants.

You may apply for one grant of up to $300 per year. It’s important for you to keep track of the grants you apply for-we may ask you to provide information about what you’ve purchased in the past and how much it cost.

The Youth Enrichment Fund is supported through a family support contract with DCYF and generous donations made by individuals attending our Annual Gala.